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Phoenix Mason

New England

based in New Bedford

Founding Member

May 2024

Contact Phoenix Mason though our contacts page

Phoenix Mason
Member number: 002

Specializes in people who have sensory issues like autism and other spectrum dynamics.

Hi! I’m Phoenix Mason! I am so happy to join the healing team and bring my own natural talents and inherent qualities that make me a great TickLer!
I have been involved in providing hands on care since I was 18 years old. Tickling was easily incorporated as it requires constant evaluation reading the responses of the person and my desire to help someone heal.

I am based in the New England area and would love to help you get through your stressful day with a good dose of tickling.

Available to fly worldwide but clients need to consider extra cost for child care. I am responsible for a lot of things since I am a natural born healer. If you come to my area, the cost is much less.

Local Areas:
Bedford, Massachusetts
Buzzards Bay - Cape Cod
Brockton - Boston and North Massachusetts
Providence- Rhode Island
Wrentham- Western Massachusetts
Plymouth- Eastern massachusetts

New Bedford and south coast of Massachusetts

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