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Her Experience:

Hi! I’m Phoenix Mason! I am so happy to join the healing team and bring my own natural talents and inherent qualities that make me a great TickLer! 
I have been involved in providing hands on care since I was 18 years old. Tickling was easily incorporated as it requires constant evaluation reading the responses of the person and my desire to help someone heal. 

I am based in the New England area and would love to help you get through your stressful day with a good dose of tickling.

Available to fly worldwide but clients need to consider extra cost for child care.   I am responsible for a lot of things since I am a natural born healer.  If you come to my area, the cost is much less.

Local Areas:
Bedford,  Massachusetts
Buzzards Bay - Cape Cod
Brockton - Boston and North Massachusetts
Providence- Rhode Island 
Wrentham- Western Massachusetts 
Plymouth-  Eastern massachusetts
New Bedford and south coast of Massachusetts

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Have Questions?

We would love to answer any and all questions! Please feel free to text us for a quicker response! 



Please mention what tickle therapist you are interested in working with.


We give discounts for both low income and service members. We also give student discounts.

We try to work with everyone and their budget, but please be understanding that this is all many of our tickle practitioners do for a living.  They are fully dedicated to the art and healing practice of tickling and energy work.

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