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Tickle Union Members

Join the fight against Cat Fishing in the Tickle Community!

Join Monthly, Yearly or FOR LIFE!

Click on a Member's Photo for their info!

Fight against the CatFish Epidemic in the Tickling Community 


Show your support of safe tickle play for tickle enthusiasts worldwide!

Help the world smile more!

-10% off all sessions and events!
- Public Page on our site (optional) with your personal contact information and whatever real or stage name you want to be used as your display name.
-Registration number
-First Priority for sessions when we come to your area with cost pooling to lower overall costs!

Prompt responses and support from our staff!

We are here to help! We understand that you work hard for your money so we are honored to have you be a part of what we feel is a necessary solution in an industry that is unfortunately full of CATFISH.

Help build our verified community worldwide and support our company in doing so!

No matter where you are in the world the more people we have verified, the better the community will get.  You do NOT need to list your legal name or photo on your public page in order to be verified.  You must do a face verification on a private call with one of our staff members or we must meet you at an event.

Step 1:

Sign up for your preferred Membership!

Monthly Membership only $7.77!

Yearly save 33%!

Only $62.48!


Step 2:

Choose your benefits

Option 1: 

 Stay anonymous online and show your support!


-No public member page and enjoy the benefit of 

10% ALL sessions  and events

- First priority for sessions when we travel to your area.

-Registration number that you will reference when booking your session for your discount.

Option 2:

Have a public page hosted by us where we ID verify you and post your contact information along with a "verified" emblem and a registration number. Your identity can still remain publicly anonymous by using an avatar and stage name.  


*Verification must be done by video call.*


-Enjoy 10 % off of all sessions and events.

- First priority for sessions when we travel to your area.

Step 3:


with your preferred option from step 2 and your order number.  To save time please have preferred stage name and avatar ready as well as your contact info you are looking to choose option 2.  Please have your preferred time to do your face and ID verification for option 2.



Always Available to edit your public page.


Change your profile 7 days a week and update within 24-48 hours by emailing us through our contact page or texting us at 646-220-1308 with your registration number.

If you choose option 2 please have a bio, profile photo (avatar is fine), Display name and preferred contact method ready! 

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