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About Us

We are a group of female, male and gender-fluid individuals that have dedicated a great portion of our lives to the art and therapy of tickling. Combined, our tickle practitioners have years of experience in tickling and therapeutic touch.  We are here to provide the tools, communication and skills that are needed to have a successful and healing tickle therapy and sensory play session and/or relationship.  We provide sessions as both the individual tickling (Tickler or "Ler") and the individual being tickled.  We also provide light touch and  ASMR sessions as well as Body Painting Sessions.

This therapy is only offered to those 18 years and older over and all participants are required to verify identity with a valid ID prior to the therapy session.  Discretion and consent are our number one priority.  These details that are exchanged for the safety of both the tickler and ticklee remain 100% private.   Consent safe words and details are discussed and agreed upon prior to the therapy session and are not allowed to be changed after agreed upon.

Every session is donation based but we have a suggested donation that is flexible if you're low income.  Please fill out a contact form for a quote.


  We, as tickle therapists and enthusiasts, understand everyone has a different budget and needs for their sessions.  Discussing these needs are essential prior to the session. We require a consultation per session inquiry.  Each consultation requires a suggested donation to know that you are serious about planning your tickle therapy session.  We are contacted by hundreds of ticklees and ticklers every month to inquire about therapy sessions.  All consultation donations are put towards the session total.  If the potential client decides against hiring one of our tickle therapists, their consultation donation can be put towards online sessions, tickle tools, clips from our content stores.  No refunds are given for consultation donations.

Please visit our contact page to start the consultation process.  References from some of our current clientele available upon request.

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