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Become a Certified Tickle Therapist

To many, being a tickle therapist seems like a dream job.  In reality, it is hard work to be on the team. We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our fleet of Tickle Therapists around the world. 

In order to be represented and certified by, you must be able to prove your knowledge, experience and skill within the tickling industry and community.  You must participate in our curriculum and pass your final tickle examination either in person or via video chat.  Each curriculum program is customized to fit each aspiring tickle therapist's strengths. 

There is a 5-10 video series included in your Tickle Education Package depending on if you are looking to be a verified/certified Ler, lee or both.  This is an involved certification process so we can guarantee that we only represent the most qualified people.  Do not inquire for our Tickle Therapist Certification Program unless you take the art of tickling seriously and you are ready to put in real work. 

If you already provide this form of therapy and would like to be a part of our team, please be prepared to provide references and clientele that are willing to give personal testimonial to our leadership board via phone or video interview.

Click here to start your verification/certification process.  All individuals must prove they are over the age of 18 before starting their curriculum.  All curriculum tuition is by donation that is based on the student's income and personal goals. 

*All students are checked against the National Sex Offenders registry list.  We will not accept individuals into our program who appear on the NSO list. 


*All students must provide at least 3 references of non-related individuals before starting our program.

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