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Our Approach

There are many genres of Tickle Therapy.  Our goal is to provide you with a session that is individually tailored to your needs and imprints as a tickle enthusiast.  Tickle Therapy can range from soft and light tickling to highly strenuous and intense tickling.  We also provide body painting and other ASMR sessions.

These details will be discussed during your consultation.  Do not be embarrassed to speak about intimate details that you may find difficult to speak about when it comes to your tickling needs.  It is very important for us to know, especially things that may trigger you.


Please understand, we provide tickle therapy to all people who are over the age of 18 from all walks of life. We, as a group and individuals, have years of first hand, specialized experience providing tickling therapy all over the world.  We have a diverse clientele that we are very proud of.   All kinds of people from all backgrounds and identities.   We have also provided tickle therapy to both physically and mentally disabled individuals over the age of 18 with guidance and consent from their personal carers and guardians.  Please mention any special needs in your session inquiry message.


There is no need to physically describe yourself during your session inquiry or to state your ethnicity.  As a group, we are advocates for body positivity and diversity.  We welcome and are very excited to accept and introduce all consenting adults to our art of tickling.

Proper hygiene, of course, is a very important part of the session, especially during these sensitive times.  Please make sure to come to your session in the same cleanly way your would attend a massage therapy session.   Any questions, please feel free to ask during your consultation process.  There is no nudity during sessions. 

Tickle sessions are available both restrained and unrestrained, light and soft to hard and strenuous.  Please tell us what you prefer in your session inquiry.  

We provide Female/Male Female/Female and Male/Male sessions.   Our first priority is to make you feel comfortable and safe

*All participants are checked against the National Sex Offender Registry list.  If you are found to be on this list, we apologize, but we cannot provide you services.


* organization, its participants and affiliates are not liable for any injuries that may be caused to the participants of tickling therapy sessions.

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