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Her Experience:

Tori Millas, a 46 year old foot and tickle model has been in the tickle industry for over 10 plus years. She has been a lee for all of those years.
She has a love for light tickles and loves seeing the smile on the Lers face when the session is done. As of recently, she found that she is interested in being a Ler as well. The thrill of making someone laugh uncontrollably is as great to hear as it is to witness. She has lived in many different places around the globe, is fluent in Spanish and is willing to travel. She enjoys meeting new and interesting people.
The art of laughter is amazing for the body and has a way of making one feel lighter and gives a place of contentment.. The first place to start on the road to seeking tickle therapy is understanding that physical touch goes a long way when the body is stressed. Laughter is the best remedy when life gets too hard. Live, laugh, love and tickle your way through life's hard times is the best way to live...

We would be more than happy to provide you with one of her many references if you so desire.  If interested, please mention her in your preferred session description on our contact page.

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Have Questions?

We would love to answer any and all questions! Please feel free to text us for a quicker response! 



Please mention what tickle therapist you are interested in working with.


We give discounts for both low income and service members. We also give student discounts.

We try to work with everyone and their budget, but please be understanding that this is all many of our tickle practitioners do for a living.  They are fully dedicated to the art and healing practice of tickling and energy work.

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